Friday, January 16, 2009

Pitlock skewers

Pitlocks are a drop in replacement for your existing skewers. Instead of being quick release, or having a standard allen key interface, they require a specialised tool to be operated.

If you do not have the correct tool, it is impossible (without destructive machinery) to remove the wheel.

I use pitlocks for my front and rear wheels. My front wheel is comprised of a schmidt SON hub, 36 hole, laced to a DT Swiss 7.1tk rim. The rear wheel is a 36 hold LX hub, also laced to a DT Swiss 7.1tk rim. Both wheels were handbuilt by my LBS.

Having pitlocks means that i can lock up my bike from the frame, and not worry about the wheels. This is very convenient with the small lock (kryptonite mini u-lock) I carry. The frame has a lot of different spots i can use to fit the lock around a pole.

If i can't get my bike close enough to lock the frame up, i can always lock the wheel to the fence. This has been invaluable at work, where I lock my bike against a fence, and can't get the frame close enough. I lock the backwheel to the fence, and the pitlocks make sure that nobody can remove the back wheel and walk the rest of my bike away.

One important thing to note about pitlocks is that you should grease the threads, since they are stainless steel, and will bind if not greased. If you are using a SON hub, grease the threads AFTER you've inserted it through the wheel, since grease on the inside of the SON hub could block the hole there designed to stop the insides of the SON corroding when a rapid change in temperature occurs.

You can find more information about pitlocks here


  1. You shouldn't lock a bike to a fence as a fence is made of aluminum and easy to cut through.

  2. Hmmm. Or maybe... just maybe... he is locking it to a wooden fence. Hmmmm.

  3. the fence i lock to is steel. not hardened, but would be quite difficult to cut nonetheless. I work at a container terminal, so there is plenty of security around too. Somebody cutting through the steel fence would be caught in no time.

  4. I wouldn't rely on only the wheels for locking. They are aluminium and easily sawn through and the frame taken like mine was. Always at least lock the frame to disuade them from wrecking the wheel in case they havent noticed the pitlocks.


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